yes, you can go to messenger with your nintendo dsi. you can do it by. . the Nintendo DSi Browser using the DSiShop app at your DSi Menu.Apr 1, 2016 . In early 2017 we plan to close the Nintendo DSi Shop, which has been available on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL systems since . As such, the Nintendo DSi Shop will close in 2017 after eight years of operation. We sincerely thank our loyal customers for supporting the Nintendo DSi Shop . Before Nintendo's dual-screen portable gaming device embraced glasses-free 3- D with the 3DS, the DSi refined the DS formula with a sleeker form factor, larger . The Official Nintendo Australia web page with games, previews, contests, and consoles.Nov 29, 2009 . a tutorial on how to get yahoo on the nintendo ds lite and nintendo dsi yahoo messenger link add the link to ur browser . Apr 3, 2009 . The DSi shop wasn't supposed to go live until Sunday, but it looks like Nintendo opened it up late last night. We'll have video shortly, but in the . The Nintendo DSi comes with a browser app, which you can also download from the Nintendo DSi Shop. To get Facebook email notifications sent to your DSi, . Apr 4, 2009 . The DSi's hardware is leaps and bounds ahead of the DS Lite.. Let's be honest, the DSi Shop is totally worth the $170, but Nintendo decided . The DSi web browser allows you to access the DSi Shop, where you can download DSWare (games and applications) using your current Wii points. The DSi .
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