About us

About us

Ayan, that in some part of Iran is pronounced "Uyan", is a Turkish word which means "to wake up". Ayan signifies awakening. It has happened to many people that in some point in their life, they became aware of their real- life situation and decide to correct their path. This is what happen for founders of Ayan. In September2017, three friends Ali, Iman and Mohammad, gathered together in a Café. By quirk of fate, they were to be more than friends. They were colleagues in the previous company which they founded. They started their business from nothing and raised the number of employees up to 35 within two years. But, due to ingratitude of other managers, they had no choice except resignation that meant awakening, a new start for them. In that golden moment, they decided to launch their own company, Ayan. Gradually there added other friends, Melika, Behnaz, Fatemeh, Alireza, Souroush and later Mehrdad, Sepehr, Hossein, Amir and others. Although some of our team members left, we are now 35.

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In Ayan, we believe that there is nobody else who can fulfill our dreams except ourselves/ us. Ayan is a family in which we all care for each other. We share our happiness and sadness with each other and we do our best for better future for ourselves and our families. Ayan is a place for learning and teaching.

Ayan's Missions:

To become leading game publisher in the country and the region.

To design and develop a variety of customized software platforms.

To become a major actor in Digital Marketing.

Ayan's Vision:

We hope to be amongst top-10 IT- based brands in terms of value, in the country.

Ayan's intra- organization slogan: "Together we can".

Ayan's extra- organization slogan: "Just the Bests!".